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Carbon removals – how to get them right

Photo by South Pole

Regardless of how fast we reduce emissions, scientific evidence suggests that an order of magnitude of one gigatonne of carbon needs to be removed from the atmosphere in order to limit warming to 1.5°C. It is therefore urgent that there is unity to meet this challenge. In advance of New York Climate Week and COP26, South Pole and Valence Solutions are hosting a joint panel discussion to explore this question.

The 75-minute virtual session will bring together a variety of speakers to address the following questions:

  •     How can we ensure that carbon removals accelerate a just transition and don't lead to more inequality?
  •     What practical steps can prevent tree removal from slowing climate change mitigation action?
  •     Can trees be planted at the scale needed to reach net zero, and will they last long enough?
  •     What will it take to spread greenhouse gas removal technologies quickly and cost-effectively?

Register here.

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