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Carbon Market Platform

Background and Objective

The Carbon Market Platform was launched in 2015 under Germany’s G7 presidency with the aim of strengthening international cooperation on market-based climate policy. By facilitating open and informed policy dialogue, it serves strategic exchange on the further development of the global carbon market. This policy dialogue fosters a better understanding of the differing national and regional carbon pricing approaches involved and encourages exchange on related drivers, obstacles and experience gained to date.


The Platform’s main forum is the annual strategic dialogue that engages high profile policymakers and is supported by ongoing work at the technical level. Since the first meeting held in June 2016, several high-level meetings have taken place, giving participants the possibility to exchange their views and experience on global carbon markets and domestic carbon pricing. Issues covered by these policy dialogues include how to design market-based instruments in order to raise mitigation ambition as well as different levels of international cooperation – from coordinating standards and price corridors to linking.

Apart from promoting policy-based exchange via this strategic dialogue, the Platform also supports technology-related initiatives and partnerships. Through cooperation with key technical partners like the World Bank, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP), the Platform consolidates technical expertise and provides access to policy discourse. By promoting this kind of exchange between interested countries, the Carbon Market Platform serves in driving new forms of cooperation and in developing common carbon market strategies.

Milestones and Outlook

Since the first meeting in 2016, the strategic dialogues have been held annually. Past meetings in Japan (Tokyo), Italy (Rome), Canada (Halifax) and France (Paris) have been attended by some 15 jurisdictions and other international organisations. In the run-up to these meetings, OECD Working Papers on selected topics have been published since 2018 to serve as a basis for discussion. This year's meeting will again be hosted by Canada, which co-chairs the meeting together with the United Kingdom. In 2021, the United Kingdom will invite to the strategic dialogue in the run-up to COP 26.

Carbon Market Platform

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Lifecycle: since 2015

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