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Article 6.2 and the Transparency Framework

Latest JIKO Policy Paper analyses Katowice outcome

July 2019 –  Parties at COP24 adopted the “Katowice Climate Package”, a set of decisions that operationalizes the Paris Agreement. This includes the Modalities, Procedures and Guidelines (MPGs) of the Transparency Framework, which can be regarded a cornerstone of the agreement. A rulebook for voluntary cooperation under Article 6, by contrast, was beyond reach in Katowice. The last round of negotiations in Bonn in June 2019 also did not lead to a convergence of views. Despite this governance gap, some observers maintain that Parties can proceed in developing their cooperative approaches even without there being a UNFCCC guidance for Article 6.2.

Against this backdrop, a new JIKO Policy Paper asks the following: Is there a need for a guidance on Article 6.2 at all? Or can the Transparency Framework, which does not only contain relevant reporting provisions but also includes accounting rules for international transfers, be used as a ‘backstop‘ for cooperative approaches? This question is explored by looking at the three objectives of voluntary cooperation under Article 6: To promote environmental integrity, to allow for a higher ambition of Parties and to support sustainable development. The paper is now available for download.

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