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Article 6 Community Center: Considerations after the 2021 session of the SBSTA (May-June)

Photo by ERCST

COP26 is seen as an important opportunity to get the international climate negotiations moving again. Article 6 is an element of the Paris Agreement on which no agreement has yet been reached, but which is widely seen as completing the Paris Agreement. Meanwhile, many Parties, multilateral international organizations, and private sector actors have begun implementing Article 6 activities, including through activities such as the World Bank's Climate Warehouse and the pilot activities of Switzerland, Peru, and Ghana.

This webinar is part of a series of ERCSTs aimed at bringing together a broader community interested in Article 6 beyond UNFCCC negotiators. In addition, the webinar provides an opportunity for the broader Article 6 community to better understand the views and positions of the lead Article 6 negotiators from the 2021 SBSTA session, which will take place from May 31 to June 17, including in light of COP 26 in Glasgow. 

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