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Past Market Development Initiatives

Tapping Mitigation Potential at Multiple Levels

Cities are major contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, sub-national authorities at provincial and local level have key powers in a number of relevant sectors such as waste management, buildings and transport. There is a need for subsequent involvement of these actors in the planning and implementation of NAMAs. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, with funding from BMU, has initiated the Vertically Integrated NAMA (v-NAMA) programme to develop a practical approach for integrating multiple levels of government in the process of NAMA design and implementation. more

Fostering Low-Carbon Investment in Africa

The African Carbon Asset Development Facility (ACAD) is a BMU-supported partnership between the United Nations Environment Programme and its Risø Centre and Standard Bank. Since 2009 it has been working to alleviate barriers faced by African countries and especially African LDCs in attracting and hosting CDM projects not only refer to a lack of institutional capacity. ACAD supports transactional capacity-building activities for banks and investors and also provides seed funding to project developers. more

Expanding Carbon Markets

The Gold Standard is one of the major actors in the voluntary carbon market and has significant experience in developing top-down and bottom-up methodologies for the voluntary carbon market. In a three-year programme of work, BMU commissioned The Gold Standard Foundation to develop new micro-scale methodologies for the voluntary carbon market: a set of innovative tools that lower entry barriers and allow for a scaling-up of clean energy/energy efficient activities in previously underrepresented regions. more

Strategies for Carbon Market Development through Standardised Baselines in African LDCs

To support a rural electrification in Ethiopia, BMU commissioned Perspectives Climate Change GmbH and UNEP Risø to conduct a research project, “Strategies for carbon market development in African Least Developed Countries”. The aim of the project is to develop strategies and practical approaches to eventually enable sustainable development in LDCs through increased participation in carbon markets. more