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CI-ACA: Supporting Carbon Pricing in Senegal

(Photo: Azuri/Flickr)
(Photo: Azuri/Flickr)

One of the initiative’s partner countries is Senegal, where the UNFCCC Secretariat and the Regional Collaboration Centre of Lomé are collaborating with Perspectives Climate Research gGmbH, Afrique Energy Environnement (AEE), the Department of Environment and Classified Establishments (DECC) Senegal and the National Committee on Climate Change (COMNAC) to explore the potential for introducing carbon pricing policies.

As part of these activities, a research study has been developed that evaluates various options for the introduction of domestic carbon pricing instruments. The work includes an analysis of the national legal, regulatory and fiscal framework, as well as a presentation of examples of carbon pricing schemes at the international level. A national consultation process identified the most relevant instruments for the prioritized sectors. Recommendations were made on the most relevant instrument for achieving Senegal’s NDC targets and ranking of instruments according to national priorities and the feasibility of their implementation. The consultation process resulted in the identification of a carbon tax as the preferred pricing instrument for Senegal.

Building on the study’s findings, the initiative is developing an action plan that takes into account the experiences made in other countries of the region and allows for direct interaction and coordination with national policymakers. Following an evaluation and further development of the action plan with key stakeholders, on the ground support will be provided for the advancement and deployment of the carbon pricing instruments in Senegal.