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Beyond the project-based approach

Recent policy paper investigates scaled-up crediting under Article 6.4

Photo by Lars Kuczynski on Unsplash
Photo by Lars Kuczynski on Unsplash

November 2019 – A new JIKO policy paper explores the question of what is needed to make up-scaled cooperative mitigation action under Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement possible. The authors analyse the current Article 6.4 negotiations text regarding its suitability for up-scaled approaches and develop recommendations on how to enable the uptake of such activities in the future.

The paper finds that while the current draft of the Rules, Modalities and Procedures for Art. 6.4 in principle complies with many requirements of up-scaled crediting, two problematic areas stand out. These comprise the division of tasks between the Supervisory Body and the host Parties of Art. 6.4 activities as well as specific language on up-scaled crediting, p. ex. with regard to additionality testing.

The paper is now available for download.