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Carbon Pricing in Senegal

Study identifies carbon tax as most promising instrument for putting a price on emissions

(Photo: pixabay / Rovinary)
(Photo: pixabay / Rovinary)

April 2019 - A new research study assesses different options for the introduction of domestic carbon pricing instruments in Senegal. The study by Perspectives and the Senegalese consultancy Afrique Énergie Environnement was developed in the context of the Collaborative Instruments for Ambitious Climate Action (CIACA) initiative. Senegal is one of the focus countries of CIACA, an initiative implemented by the UNFCCC through its Regional Collaboration Centres (RCCs) and supported by voluntary contributions from a number of national governments, including the German Federal Government through BMU.

The study on Senegal analyses carbon pricing options for the West African country, assessing the suitability of different instruments and their respective revenue allocation options. The work undertaken includes the analysis of the national legal, regulatory and fiscal framework, as well as a presentation of examples of carbon pricing schemes at the international level. A national consultation process assessed the most relevant instruments for the prioritized sectors and a ranking of instruments according to their suitability was made. The process resulted in the identification of a carbon tax as the preferred pricing instrument for Senegal.


Study: Carbon Pricing in Senegal (in French)