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The West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance presents itself to the Africa Carbon Forum and announces first in-country readiness activities

May 2018 - The West African Alliance gathered a lot of interest from participants during the 2018 Africa Carbon Forum in Nairobi. During a side event moderated by the World Bank, seats were scarce in the large meeting room despite the early start of the program. The lead negotiator on Article 6 of the African Group of Negotiators, El hadji Mbaye Diagne, gave an account of the current discussions in the UNFCCC negotiations followed by a presentation from the coordinator of the Alliance, Ousmane Fall Sarr. Mr. Sarr started his speech by noting that “it is not easy to talk about the complex topic that is Article 6”. It is important that the operationalization and implications of the new market mechanisms under the Paris Agreement are understood by all Parties and that active participation in forming the Paris rulebook is ensured. Many African countries are mentioning carbon markets as a way of NDC implementation, they also need to know how to incorporate them.

The representative from Nigeria, Asmau Jibril, outlined the needs that are being addressed to support West African countries. Members of the Alliance are to benefit from the information and knowledge exchange among their West African counterparts, enhance their negotiation capacities and receive support in formulating in-country readiness support needs.

The World Bank, serving as the host of the workshop, offered to explore opportunities to support the West African Alliance. Panelists thanked BMU for their support of initial activities. In return, BMU welcomed the Alliance for its sub-regional cooperation to ensure the success of the emerging Paris rulebook.

Finally, the Alliance steering committee member UNFCCC Regional Collaboration Centre Lomé announced that Nigeria and Togo are the first two countries to receive tailored readiness support. Nigeria is currently in the process of assessing the priority sectors and carbon market capacities that are to transition to the Paris framework. Togo outlined the support need to strengthen its MRV systems capacities.