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Preventing double counting

New study sets out proposals for the voluntary offset market

(Photo: Siemens-Pressebild)
(Photo: Siemens-Pressebild)

November 2018 – Many German and European businesses invest in voluntary carbon offset schemes to improve the carbon footprint of their production operations or their value creation chains, either by means of emission reductions or through climate action measures to mitigate climate change.

From a climate law and climate policy perspective, voluntary carbon offsetting raises issues such as accounting and documenting of emission reductions achieved. These in turn cause concern regarding the allocation of certificates and the risk of double counting.

The new study looks at the issues surrounding double counting in the voluntary offset market and sets out proposals for its regulation at national level.


Freiwilliger Markt - Möglichkeiten und Herausforderungen für Offsetting innerhalb der EU

Note: This publication is available in German only.