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EB 100 improves Standardized Baselines Framework

The rules on developing standardized baselines (SBs) are to be further improved. The Board revised the standard “Determining coverage of data and validity of standardized baselines”. With regard to the requirements for data used in developing SBs, the standard differentiates between SBs whose standardised values or parameters remain unchanged throughout the period of validity (constant SBs, formerly static SBs) and SBs whose values or parameters change during the period of validity (dynamic SBs). The Board also revised the SB procedure and made it clear that project proponents can choose a validity period for their SB which exceeds the prescribed three years. The revised “Guidelines for the establishment of sector specific standardized baselines” presented by the Secretariat failed to convince the EB and the Board requested that the document be further revised.

The Board further discussed positive lists of technologies, abolish the existing two-step procedure for crediting period renewal for individual projects as well as a tool designed to help DNAs in developing standardized baselines in the building sector.


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