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Paving the Way

New CMR shows how Article 6 supports African countries transitioning to the Paris world

Bild von David Mark auf Pixabay
Bild von David Mark auf Pixabay

July 2018 – This issue of the Carbon Mechanisms Review focuses on market-based mitigation initiatives in Africa. Among other things, it presents an initiative that pilots Article 6 activities in Sub-Saharan countries which focus on reactive power compensation and technical losses. Furthermore, the issue takes a look at Tunisia, which recently signed a Statement of Undertaking with the Nitric Acid Action Group.

Moreover, the issue features an article on the concept of forward-looking baselines for results-based fi-nancing, based on data from the South African Power Pool. Last but not least, the issue examines the current status of the NAMA pipeline and present an example from Uganda on integrating market mech-anisms and NAMA finance.

This CMR also reports on the recent decisions of the ICAO Council and their repercussions in shaping the ICAO’s CORSIA offsetting scheme. Finally, the events and outcomes of Innovate4Climate 2018 are reviewed.