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Sustainable development benefits in future market mechanisms

(Photo: Paul Mustakim/UNFCCC)
(Photo: Paul Mustakim/UNFCCC)

April 2017 - Market mechanisms for climate change mitigation have had a mixed record with regard to sustainable development in the past: while the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has mobilized many highly beneficial projects and programs in developing countries, it has at the same time been criticised for a lack of a rigorous approach to foster sustainable development. With the adoption of the Paris Agreement, parties agreed to introduce new cooperative mechanisms under Article 6, which are also to promote sustainable development. Hence, there is now a window of opportunity to avoid repeating mistakes made in the context of the Kyoto Mechanisms and to put the Paris mechanisms on a robust footing with regard to their sustainable development benefits. Against this background, a new research report assesses possibilities for enhancing the role of sustainable development benefits in the context of activities supported by future market mechanisms under the UNFCCC.


The full report can be accessed here.