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NACAG portal goes online

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

May 2017 - The “Nitric Acid Climate Action Group (NACAG)” has the ambitious goal of halting global nitrous oxide emissions in the production of nitric acid by 2020. Nitric acid is a nitrogen compound which is used worldwide in fertiliser production. Emission reduction technology for nitric acid plants is widely used and is relatively affordable. In the past, the CDM has been used to reduce a large share of these emissions. With the drop in prices, however, there is a risk that the reduction technology that has already been installed can no longer be operated and that the extremely low-cost reduction potential can no longer be exploited. To push sectoral transformation despite this situation, NACAG offers information and advice, and also makes funding available for partner countries that are willing to address this low-cost potential on their own account from 2020 onwards. In this way, threatened CDM projects will be assisted by the purchase of certificates and an incentive is created to foster initiation of new project activities.

The Nitric Acid Climate Action Group (NACAG) is now online with a broad-based offering of information and news. The portal explains how NACAG works, supplies background on nitric acid production and reports on the latest NACAG news. The new website is designed to further increase awareness to NACAG and encourage new stakeholders to join the Group. Governments, businesses and private sector organisations wanting to commit to the cause can sign the NACAG declaration which they can download straight from the site.   

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