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EB 95 on using the CDM

At the 95th meeting of the CDM Executive Board a range of options for CDM use were discussed. These include allowing CERs to be used in national ETS and carbon tax schemes, in international aviation and shipping, using the CDM infrastructure in connection with results-based finance and voluntary cancellation of CERs by private individuals, companies and organisations. During the meeting, the Secretariat reported on its various activities to promote increased use of the CDM.

The EB also looked at the current status of work involved in the digitalisation of CDM procedures and methodology-specific forms. Two web-based products are currently being developed. Once some additional improvements have been made, these will be presented to the Board at EB 96.

The Board also revised two procedures to enable the merging of the Methodologies Panel and the Small-Scale Working Group as decided at EB 94. These new procedures will go into effect on 1 September 2017. In addition, the Board discussed measures to improve the user-friendliness of the Sustainable Development Tool (SD Tool). The revised tool is to be introduced in Q3 2017.


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