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Writing the Paris Rulebook

Latest Carbon Mechanisms Review on Article 6 section of the Paris rulebook, the ABM and new challenges for the environmental integrity

(Photo: UNclimatechange/flickr)
(Photo: UNclimatechange/flickr)

September 2017 –  This time, the Carbon Mechanisms Review analyses what should be the central ingredients of the Article 6 section of the Paris rulebook, the aim being to identify what needs to be negotiated now and what can be put aside for a later date given the state of the negotiations UNFCCC.

Also,  a potential case for non-market approaches is presented: the adaptation benefit mechanism (ABM). In an interview, Gareth Phillips – the mastermind behind the ABM –says where he sees demand for adaptation units, points to the failures of the CDM and explains how to demonstrate certifiable adaptation project results.

Other articles cover new challenges for the environmental integrity, possible stumbling blocks on the way to implementing cooperative actions as well as a review of the future demand for offsets from the aviation sector and how the EU will treat aviation emissions in its ETS.