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Shaping the Paris Mechanisms III

An Update on Submissions on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

(Photo: Siemens Press)

October 2017 - Article 6 of the Paris Agreement established three approaches for countries to cooperate with each other: cooperative approaches under Art. 6.2, a new mechanism to promote mitigation and sustainable development under Art. 6.4, and a framework for non-market approaches under Art. 6.8. Detailed rules for these three approaches are currently being negotiated.

In order to facilitate the negotiations on operationalizing Art. 6, Parties to the UN Climate Convention were asked to submit their views on selected issues of the negotiation track. This Policy Paper summarises the views submitted by Parties in the run-up to COP 23 in November 2017 in order to identify points of controversy and convergence. It builds on previous papers which summarised views on other occasions on the same matter.