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Call for CDM projects

Offsetting GHG emission caused by business trips

(Photo: Angelo DeSantis/wikimedia)

December 2015 - The German Federal Government decided to offset the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions caused by its business trips. The decision to offset the climate impact of business trips is following suit with the desire expressed by a growing number of people at home and abroad who want to offset their incurred climate-damaging emissions elsewhere and sets the good example for others to follow.

The German Federal Environment Agency published a tender to acquire 138.038 high-quality emission reduction certificates (Certified Emission Reductions, CERs) from registered CDM projects to offset the 2014 business trips.

Further information and tender documents are available on the website of the  German Environment Agency under tender number 61825 (

Please note that the terms and conditions are only available in German. However the description of the procurement requirements and the proposed procedure is available as courtesy translation.