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EB 85 optimises procedures and schedules launch of voluntary cancellation platform of CERs

At its 85th meeting, the CDM Executive Board continued simplifying and streamlining the CDM by inter alia adopting new additionality rules for programmes of activities. The Board further decided to review existing approaches for additionality demonstration (e.g. first of its kind) and to identify options for introducing new models (such as negative lists).

In the area of standardized baselines (SBs) additional steps have been taken to further support SB development: the Board approved the preparation of a methodological framework for the development of standardized baselines for energy efficient appliances and energy efficiency in buildings and approved the establishment of a database on the cost and efficiency of technologies for SB development.

EB 85 also dealt with measures related to the difficult market conditions: the Board decided to launch the platform for the voluntary cancellation of CERs in September 2015 and discussed a proposal for the indirect subsidisation of the accreditation fee for DOEs.

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