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Technology Cooperation Update on the Technology Mechanism and Options for Using Carbon Markets

JIKO Policy Brief 01/2014

Gas turbine
(Photo: Siemens Pressestelle/Siemens AG)

March 2014 - The UNFCCC’s Technology Mechanism has two branches: the Technology Executive Committee (TEC), which is tasked to give political advice, and the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), providing support and fostering the operationalization of technology transfer. Both institutions strongly focus on capacity building. The CDM, instead, has contributed to technology transfer in practice. However, the transfer has largely focused on equipment and basic operational knowledge. The transfer of knowledge to adapt, advance and innovate has been limited so far. Therefore, the two mechanisms could well complement each other. In theory, Programmes of Activities and Standardized Baselines under the CDM could be a means for developing country governments to strategically address financial barriers to technology transfer