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Arguing the point: Should JI be abandoned?

Carbon Mechanisms Review 1-2014

(Photo: UNFCCC/Danish Energy Agency)

March 2014 - What is the latest on the international climate change regime? What needs to happen and what must be done differently for the negotiations to pick up speed? These much debated questions are the focus of this Carbon Mechanisms Review (CMR). CMR reports on current climate change policy trends and their link with the carbon market. This starts with an analysis of the EU Climate and Energy Package 2030. It then looks at the controversy on considering national policies in baseline and additionality determination, presents the results of a new research project, and interprets of the most recent US Submission on the new international agreement on climate change.

The issue concludes taking a very different and unique angle, looking at two climate change-themed films shown at the Berlinale Film Festival 2014. One film spotlights Japan’s Kyoto conference centre, built by a metabolist architect. In their article towards the back of the issue, the two authors compare the centre’s structures with the climate change talks and look at how metabolism might explain today’s climate change regime.