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Opportunity versus Odyssey

Carbon Mechanisms Review 2-2013

(Photo: Stéphane Bidouze/

August 2013 - This issue of Carbon Mechanisms Review shines the spotlight on forestry projects and the carbon market. With the current CDM and JI mechanisms, restrictions on afforestation and reforestation projects and their exclusion from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme make this something of a niche topic. At the same time the debate on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) repeatedly questions the role that private actors might play in this regard.

We asked two acknowledged experts for their professional input on both these topics: Kristin Gerber from Germanwatch and Joachim Schnurr from GFA Consulting Group argue the pros and cons of introducing sub-national, project-type REDD activities, and the risks and opportunities they bring. This is followed by a piece from GIZ on experience with CDM forestry projects in India. In practice, the issues of market mechanisms and forest protection are debated separately with the climate change community. The Carbon Mechanisms Review has chosen to bring them together in a single, in-depth focus, making for a much longer issue than usual.

Apart from the main focus, the Review takes up other topical issues of interest to the carbon market community: We report on a workshop that discussed ways of stabilising the CDM and look at the potential role of the CDM as a standard-setter in an increasingly fragmented carbon market. We then conclude with an analysis of the results from the Climate Change Conference held in Bonn last June.