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The Long Road to 2015

Carbon Mechanisms Review 1-2013

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February 2013 - The second Kyoto period is here – with few players and low targets. Emission trading schemes are multiplying worldwide – and the flagship EU ETS is in crisis. These are the contrasts that mark the state of the carbon markets at the start of the 'post-2012' era. Yet the widespread conviction remains that the private sector must do its bit on climate change, and not just by way of offsetting, but increasingly with activities that deliver a net benefit for the atmosphere.

For this issue, we have secured Axel Michaelowa and Michael Lazarus for a two-way debate on whether there is still a place in the CDM for large-scale power projects. As the main focus of this issue, we provide an in-depth analysis of the Doha climate summit. This is supplemented with an opinion article, ‘Carbon Market Options’. Finally, we present two innovative CDM and JI projects: a cross-border PoA in Africa and an afforestation project in Russia. We hope you enjoy this first issue of Carbon Mechanisms Review and we look forward to your response.