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CTI Workshop: Climate Policy Challenges and Opportunities for the Building Sector

October 2011 - The 12th Climate Technology Initiative Workshop was held in Berlin from 14 to 15 October. Over 50 experts from more than 20 countries discussed the various dimensions of energy efficiency in buildings. The talks primarily centred on innovative financing instruments, favourable conditions and the role of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in the building sector. The Agenda included the following key issues and objectives :

  • ideas for enhancing funding mechanisms on energy efficiency in the building sector
  • views on enabling environments (policies, legislation and institutions) within the participating countries
  • best practice examples and innovative ideas for energy efficiency improvements in the building sector.
  • international developments in financing energy efficiency in the building sector (including CDM, PoA, and NAMA).

The presentations can be downloaded.

(Photo: CTI)