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Green Ifriqiya Forum Showcases CDM in North Africa

Oktober 2009 - Green Ifriqiya is an international forum whose aim is to develop and utilise the economic potential of green investment. The forum targets providers of environmental products and services with an eye to fostering technology transfer from industrialised countries to the MENA Region. This year’s forum focuses on the carbon market. With regard to the CDM, the region’s CDM host countries are to be afforded better access to new technologies and research results and given greater opportunity to engage in sustainable development.

The German Environment Ministry’s CDM/JI Initiative and the Tunisian Environment Ministry will jointly host two separate events. An international trade fair for CDM projects in the MENA Region will take place from 12 – 14 November. The fair is expected to attract over 300 exhibitors and some 7,000 visitors from Europe and Africa. As a side event, a CDM/JI Initiative Carbon Forum will be staged on 13 November. The two events are designed to bring together project managers, investors, CDM authorities, funding providers, certificate sellers and service providers and create new networking opportunities. The ultimate aim is to significantly increase the number of projects with German involvement in the MENA Region.

Green Ifriqiya is an open forum for decisionmakers, entrepreneurs, finance institutions, scientists and researchers, and international and regional organisations whose work focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development. Representatives from the respective government and administrative departments will be invited to participate in the forum in an effort to foster new investment partnerships. The forum is held once every two years and serves as a platform for the entire African market.

Alongside the fair and the carbon forum, the Green Ifriqiya Forum programme also involves a seminar on financing for investment in environment protection and renewable energy. A series of workshops will also be held by various Tunisian partners. These will focus on job creation in the environmental sector, cooperation in developing wastewater systems, linkages between spatial planning and coastal protection, solar energy, environmental protection and competition, and protecting domestic resources.

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