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Carbon Mechanisms Review

Carbon Mechanisms Review (CMR) is a specialist magazine on CDM/JI and new market mechanisms. The magazine is published by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy on behalf of the German Environment Ministry.

Carbon Mechanisms Review critically appraises developments on the Carbon Markets and contributes to the debate with analysis, opinion articles and backgrounders. The focus is not restricted to CDM/JI and other project-based approaches such as Japan’s bilateral offsetting mechanism. Further topics include the new market mechanisms, (market-based elements of) nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs), and emission trading schemes worldwide. This is covered with a blend of editorial articles and guest contributions from highly regarded authors in the subject area.

CMR appears quarterly in German and English and can be obtained free of charge.

CMR 4-2015: Markets Matter

November 2015 - The issue analyses the role that markets can play and the prerequisites for meaningful use of market-based instruments. The authors comment on selected elements of the negotiations texts and analyse the role that markets play in INDCs. Furthermore, the Carbon Market Platform for Strategic Dialogue, initiated by the G7, is presented. more

CMR 3-2015: Looking Back into the Future

October 2015 - The international carbon markets face a twofold challenge: currently operating projects suffer from the market crisis and many actually run the risk of being discontinued. At the same time, the future of the global Carbon Markets is being shaped in the UNFCCC negotiations. This issue of the Carbon Mechanisms Review takes up both challenges and reports on dedicated intiatives and features analyses and an interview with a UNFCCC negotiator. more

CMR 2-2015: Focus on the Essentials

May 2015 – The latest issue of the Carbon Mechanisms discusses how market mechanisms might be integrated in the new climate agreement, offering two interesting options on the way forward. It also looks at activities conducted by the Partnership for Market Readiness, explains why Africa is essential to the carbon market and outlines an initiative that combines climate action with empowerment of women. more

CMR 1-2015: Solidarity and Efficiency

April 2015 - The carbon markets have been brought almost to a standstill. Lack of demand coupled with uncertainty regarding the role the markets will play in a new climate change regime render many of the carbon reduction projects already underway unviable. In efforts to secure the climate change contribution these projects are expected to make, institutional buyers are rising to the fore. This issue of Carbon Market Review looks at two initiatives designed to support projects at risk. more

CMR 4-2014: What Role for Market Mechanisms in the 2015 Agreement?

November 2014 - In this issue of CMR, we report on the EU announcing its climate change plans a head of the US and China. We analyse the EU 2030 package und its implications for markets. And we ask what role the carbon markets should play in the 2015 agreement. more

CMR 3-2014: Net Means More

Oktober 2014 - Preparations for the next UN climate change summit in Lima are well under way. Although the EU is proposing a 2030 emissions reduction target, there are signs that the sum of all proposals together will not be enough to adhere to the two degree limit. more

CMR 2-2014: The Next Level

May 2014 - With one and half years to go to agree on a future climate change architecture, a heavy workload is in front of the negotiators. The prospects for an ambitious international climate policy to ensure that the world stays below the agreed 2° C target are bleak. In this atmosphere, many do not see a role for the Carbon Markets. Yet market mechanisms have the power to make meaningful contributions to climate change mitigation; if carefully designed, they can even contribute to raising ambition, as our authors argue. more