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(Photo: Magharebia/flickr)
(Photo: Magharebia/flickr)

What Future for Voluntary Carbon Markets?

January 2017 - More and more individuals and corporations have a desire to offset some of their carbon footprint. To satisfy this demand, a host of voluntary carbon standards have emerged. Originally, these standards operated within the international legal environment of the Kyoto Protocol with legally binding emission reduction obligations for industrialized countries and no such obligations for developing countries. The adoption of the Paris Agreement fundamentally changed the international legal architecture. more

CDM Transition Initiative launched during COP22 in Marrakesh

December 2016 - The future of activities under the Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism remains open after the adoption of the Paris Agreement, leaving project developers in limbo and creating disincentives to investment. Several countries have called for a transition of these CDM activities to the new mechanism under Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement. A new initiative led by Climate Focus and Koru Climate is going to analyze options for taking elements of the CDM forward and provide a platform for interested governments and stakeholders to discuss and refine them. It was launched at the German Pavilion during COP22 in Marrakesh. more

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German Federal Ministry for the Environment Carbon Mechanisms Portal

This website provides information on market-based climate policy instruments. It applies to, inter alia, the cooperative approaches of the Paris Agreement, which enable Parties to follow different paths to international-level cooperation.