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CTI Workshop discusses climate action in international aviation

July 2017 - At this year’s CTI Workshop participants discussed the challenges and opportunities for the new global market-based measure CORSIA as a key instrument for climate action in the civil aviation sector. The workshop revealed that the mechanism holds significant potential for future climate action in the civil aviation sector. In order to fully unlock this potential and make the mechanism operational, existing challenges must be addressed, including the adoption of robust standards and procedures for ensuring its environmental integrity, determining the relationship between CORSIA and the Paris Agreement and establishing the capacities required for launching a successful CORSIA pilot phase. more

Operationalizing Sustainable Development in Art. 6

July 2017 - Contributions to Sustainable Development (SD) are one of the core elements mentioned in Art. 6.1 of the Paris Agreement, which apply to all cooperative approaches under the agreement. A recent BMUB workshop explored how SD assessment could be put in practice, taking into account the different forms of cooperation foreseen in Art. 6. The documentation of the event is now available for download. more

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This website provides information on market-based climate policy instruments. It applies to, inter alia, the cooperative approaches of the Paris Agreement, which enable Parties to follow different paths to international-level cooperation.